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China Product Sourcing Services

Sinoservices has developed an extensive network of Chinese manufacturers in several industrial sectors. Through our working relationships with these factories, we are able to extend our in-depth knowledge to overseas buyers through a multitude of local services from our Shanghai office:


  • Identification and assessment of suitable factories for your product area;
  • Liaison & mediation services with local manufacturers - our bi-lingual team can effectively communicate between you and the Chinese suppliers to enable successful relationships;
  • Quotation & sampling procedures;
  • Project start-up consultation, including quality processes, document handling, schedule management and much more.

Sinoservices has an established supplier network of Chinese manufacturers involved in various types of plastics processing, such as injection molding, blow molding and blown film extrusion etc. We have also expanded our supplier network outside of the plastics industry to include areas such as metal stamping, wire forming and fabricated metal products in order to better serve the increasing demands of our clientele.

A few of our current sourced product lines include: control unit assemblies for household appliances * plastic sockets * innovative kitchenware goods * gas-assist molded parts * sheet and fabricated metal goods * machined valves *  flexible tubing for white goods etc.

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