product sourcing & quality services in China

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Quality Control Services

Sinoservices support foreign buyers of Chinese manufactured goods by providing localized quality control monitoring systems. Our team of local quality supervisors and UK management personnel can offer the following services:


  • Dedicated local personnel, recruited and managed by Sinoservices, trained to your standards and working in your Chinese supplier's factories;
  • 24/7 quality inspection checks, based on your criteria, to ensure pre-shipment product quality assurance;
  • Our bi-lingual management team allows us to communicate freely between suppliers and customers, guaranteeing a practical, effective solution to QC operations and reporting techniques.
  • Regular feedback to Clients via realtime log-in and status checks so the Client maintains a virtual 'visual' on production status.
  • Actual and running production statistics to monitor target areas such as continuous improvement measures, cost-saving tactics and Client quality management incentives.


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